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 Welcome to Star Sports Online


Where both commercial and discount home fitness equipment are what we do, all day every day.  We specialize in fitness and exercise equipment all the way from Power Racks to Yoga Blocks. If you are looking to shape up or slim down, we have the exercise equipment to get it done!  Bring the gym home to because it’s time to take action and sculpt the life you truly want to live.


"You won't get what you wish for... you'll get what you WORK for"

Star Sports Online was established in 2011 and is headquartered in the heart of California’s elegant, golden rolling hills. We supply a full line of high quality home exercise and fitness equipment as well as light commercial lines such as Element Fitness, Xmark Fitness, Bayou Fitness, Fight Monkey, TKO and many more!  Star Sports Online has a responsibility to you, to bring you the very best home fitness and exercise equipment that is available on the market today at discounted prices.  All Star Sports Online fitness equipment can be used safely and effectively in your home or at the gym.

 To be successful in today’s fitness industry, a company must first offer exercise equipment at competitive and discounted prices.  Secondly, they must come understand what makes up the human body’s physical, mental, spiritual, and over-all well being. At Star Sports Online we are working day and night to accomplish this understanding.  It is our Mission to provide not just top quality home fitness equipment and exercise equipment but also knowledge, expertise, and proper techniques that focus on you!

 The relationships Star Sports Online has built with our fitness equipment partners and suppliers located throughout the United States, have allowed the expansion of our knowledge base and equipment lines to go above and beyond what we have imagined.  Not only are our suppliers’ knowledgeable and understanding, they make top notch home fitness equipment and cutting edge exercise products at discounted prices for all of us to enjoy!

 Please know that Star Sports Online always put emphasis on our customers.  With that said the staff is consistently reminded that without you we would not be able to support our families by doing what we love. It is our goal to ensure customers' expectations 100% of the time.  Star Sports Online, happily offering discount home fitness and exercise equipment for all to use and share.  Join us today and release your true potential.  Start with your very own home exercise equipment.  We know you can achieve whatever you set out to accomplish, let Star Sports Online help!